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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back Pack Blues 

Back pain has become an increasing concern for school aged children carrying backpacks. A recent study revealed 67.2% of these children experienced muscle soreness. The problem lies in how the pack is constructed, how the pack is worn, and the overall weight. Improper use and fit of these packs are causing spinal misalignment or subluxation. The chiropractor is uniquely qualified to address these issues and to help promote structural health and growth in children.

The issue of overall pack weight is debatable. As a general rule, backpacks should not exceed 10% of the body weight of the child (and 15% of the body weight of adults). For example, a 61-75 pound child should only carry ten pounds. One heavy textbook can easily weight six pounds or more, so leave unnecessary items at home.

All packs are not created equal. A good pack, with wide, adjustable, padded straps, thick padding or a lumbar cushion in the lower back is a wise investment. Also look for multiple compartments to avoid shifting, and perhaps air filled padding both in the back as well as in the straps for comfort. Any rolling backpack should be well fitted to the height of the child to avoid injury and may not be advantageous unless used properly.

An uneven backpack load can wreak havoc on your child's spine. Pain or spinal curvature is a good indication that structural damage has or is occurring in your child. Uneven shoulders, slumping and rounding are all signs of poor posture. For proper fit, place the heaviest items in the lower part of the pack, where they can rest on the lower back. Both shoulder-straps should be used, and if available, snugly fit the waist belt around your child's hips. Overall, the pack should be fitted so that it is close to the body. Remember, it's your job as parents to help your child implement these ideas. You'll be glad you did.

Monday, March 23, 2009

You are the Vehicle 

In America, we spend perhaps 8-12% of our annual budget for our cars and only 4-5% or less on our health budget. It's easy to conclude we value our cars more than our bodies. We work hard each day to pay for the best car we can afford, changing the oil, rotating tires and replacing brakes as needed, and then paying more money to insure the car in case of loss.

Most of us recognize the key to health is prevention, yet we do little to put this into practice. Most of us wait until we have a symptom to do anything about it. We hold on to the foolish belief that if we feel good, we are well. Our body is our vehicle.

Did you know that 86% of cancer has no symptoms and that the first symptom of heart disease in 30% of the cases is a fatal heart attack? Are these people healthy or well? Chiropractic is uniquely qualified to make you healthy and keep you strong. Your body is far more important than your car, and replacing "parts" is not an easy option.

Chiropractic, in combination with proper nutrition, exercise, rest and positive thinking not only keeps your vehicle in the race but in excellent condition, inside and out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jonas Brothers Fan of Chiropractic 

Chiropractic is a very high priority in their lives despite a demanding schedule. You can just ask their chiropractor who often flys out to meet them and ends up adjusting 15-20 of their entourage including Demi Lovato, star of the movie Camp Rock. We adjust a lot of people in the performance arts here at our office and find it to be very common in the performance arts to receive chiropractic care.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jerry Rice on Chiropractic 

Jerry Rice played in the NFL for twenty years which included three Super Bowl wins, Super Bowl MVP in 1988, going to the Pro Bowl 13 times and setting 38 NFL records. His most prominent years were with the San Francisco 49ers. He also may be known from his second place performance on " Dancing with the Stars "

Jerry Rice states that, " Chiropractic has been instrumental in my life, both on and off the field, and I am excited to share this with the American public. I have been blessed with a long and healthy career as a professional athlete, and as I move forward into the next stage of my life, chiropractic care will continue to be an important part of my game plan. "

Jerry Rice is such a big supporter of chiropractic care that he recently became the spokesperson for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (FCP) a non profit organization dedicated to promoting the value of chiopractic care to the public.

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