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Friday, July 28, 2006

Chiropractic Cycling 

The news is in, American cyclist, Floyd Landis has won this year's (2006) Tour de France. News from all over the world is saying this is one of the biggest sports achievements in decades. The news of the Tour de France win for Landis came in just hours after it was reported that another well-known American, Tiger Woods, had just one his second British Open. The Landis win alone is enough to get any diehard sports enthusiast excited because the story behind his win is rather incredible. This year's Tour de France was a thrilling adventure and Landis beat some pretty heavy odds to win this race.

Many American sports enthusiasts are undoubtedly mega-excited with today's wins by both Landis and Woods. Could you imagine how excited one would be knowing these two sports figures personally? Now imagine this... how excited would you be if you'd been the chiropractor for either Floyd Landis or Tiger Woods. I'd say you'd be pretty excited. Just for a moment, imagine you were not only the chiropractor for Floyd Landis, but that you've also provided chiropractic care for Tiger Woods. While we're at it, imagine you were also the chiropractor for seven-time Tour de France winning Lance Armstrong. That would be pretty freaking cool huh?

Well guess what? Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Spencer, may just as well be called a mega-chiropractic superstar (known as Dr. Magic by Lance and some other mega-athletes). Not only has Spencer provided chiropractic care for Tiger Woods, he has been chiropractor to Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis for several years now. While nearly all of today's great athletes are receivers of chiropractic care, not many chiropractors have a roster of clients like Dr. Jeff Spencer does. But then not many chiropractors are former Olympic athletes like Dr. Jeff Spencer is. It looks like Spencer's 2004 chiropractor of the year award, presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger, was well deserved.

30-year-old Floyd Landis regained the overall Tour de France race leader's yellow jersey on Saturday during the final time trial. He finished Sunday's 20th and final stage of the race behind Thor Hushovd of Norway. Landis ended the race 57 seconds ahead of Oscar Pereiro of Spain, Andreas Kloeden of Germany was third. Floyd Landis joins Lance Armstrong and Greg LeMond as the third American to win the Tour de France.

Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Spencer, Floyd Landis, and Tiger Woods!

Be a Tiger! 

The news began appearing on Sunday, Tiger Woods had again won the British Open. Hours later, news agencies began reporting on American cyclist Floyd Landis and his winning of the Tour de France. Tiger Woods is the second golfer to win back-to-back British open championships (Tom Watson won in 1982 and 1983). I've noticed almost 2000 articles on the internet since Sunday, many of them talking about the intensity and endurance required for these great champions to be successful. These are not just regular athletes. Some articles suggested that the Floyd Landis win represents one of the biggest athletic comebacks seen in decades. Tiger Woods win of the British Open was his 11th major championship win. Many articles referred to Tiger as "the greatest golfer ever."

On Sunday, Planet Chiropractic reported on how cool these wins must have been for chiropractor, Jeff Spencer. Dr. Spencer has provided chiropractic care for both of these world-class athletes. He was also chiropractor to Lance Armstrong during his seven-year reign at the Tour de France.

It's more than 11 years now and many people have probably forgotten that a young Tiger Woods rode upon the Chiropractic Centennial Float in the 1995 Pasadena tournament of roses Parade. At that time, Tiger Woods was a young 19 years old, and chiropractic was turning 100. Achievements for Tiger Woods in 1995 included becoming the ninth player to win consecutive US amateur championships, being voted Pac-10 player of the year, becoming an NCAA first-team All-American, being awarded Stanford's Male Freshman of the Year, and participating in his first PGA major tournament. Interestingly, the theme for the 1995 tournament of roses Parade in Pasadena was SPORTS - Quest for Excellence.

In 1996 and at age 20 Tiger Woods became the first golfer in history to win three consecutive US amateur titles. He turned pro in August and signed multimillion dollar endorsement deals with Nike and Titleist.

In 1997 and at age 21 Tiger Woods was the leading money winner on the PGA tour with a record $2,066,833 in earnings. He won the Masters, his first major championship, by the widest margin of victory the tournament had ever seen (12 strokes). He became the youngest Masters winner ever. He also won three other PGA events that year. His chiropractic care that year was provided by Dr. Jeff Spencer.

It becomes obvious to nearly any sports enthusiast why the world's greatest athletes choose to include chiropractic care as part of their lifestyle, or in conjunction with their sports athletic training. Chiropractic Works.

As was mentioned in the multitude of sports related articles from this past weekend, regular athletes and regular people cannot typically withstand the rigors and the intensity that great champions endure. There are enormous emotional and physical demands involved. Their training requires concentration, self-discipline and mental toughness. It is easy for me to write about these qualities and characteristics but quite different to emulate them. Perseverance, focus, and emotion are all qualities of champions. At 111 years old this year, the profession of chiropractic is widely recognized as one of those champions, not only as a form of natural health care for the world's greatest athletes, but also as the leading form of natural health care for the people that love them, cheer for them, and strive to be like them.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A small study... 

A small study asked chiropractic patients, all of whom had been treated for acute neck pain with chiropractic adjustments, to rate their levels of pain before and after treatment and their satisfaction with care. Research showed the pain levels after treatment were improved from an average of 7.6 to 1.9 after care. 94% of 94 participants were satisfied. The researcher concluded, " Patients with acute neck pain involved in this study seemed to be satisfied with chiropractic treatment and reported reductions in associated pain levels and activity restrictions."

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